"Interior design isn’t about style, it’s about lifestyle… YOUR lifestyle.”
I call this discovery process Design Enlightenment




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Design Enlightenment

Design Enlightenment is rooted in authenticity. It’s about discovering yourself, the lifestyle you truly desire for yourself, and listening to these desires when designing your interiors.

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Interior Designer, Author, Speaker, and Pioneer of the Design Enlightenment™ Movement

In my more than 30-year interior design journey, I’ve realized that my role as creator isn’t about beauty alone. Though design, we can influence our feelings and behavior, and fulfill the very lives we wish to lead. I’ve culled these discoveries and practices into a philosophy that’s too powerful not to share…


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When a Bedroom Feels The Blue

When I first met this client at her home for a remodel consultation, every room she walked me through was painted a different color. “I’m tired of living in a clown house!,” she lamented. They were a family with triplets, so spaces needed to be youthful and durable,...

The Design Enlightenment™ Method

Obtaining the Spaces We Truly Desire “Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be joined in spiritual union.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright As an interior designer, I’m often asked “what’s your style?” I cringe at the question. The word...

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