Gilded Glamour – A Glimpse Into What’s in the Works for My Next Furniture Edition

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As my first collection, Hide & Seek is of incredible meaning and purpose for me.  I realized my lifelong dream to expand into furniture design by creating the very pieces I searched for as an interior designer that would add that “je ne sais quoi” to a space.  I wanted to present vintage acrylic in a new light, honoring the beauty it had in the 70s, but for today’s modern interiors. My goal was to elevate this versatile material to express the sophistication, eclecticism, and timelessness it had lost with the passing of time.Modern Baroque... see what's coming soon in my next furniture collection.

However, I’m not finished with my beloved acrylic just yet.

The material continues to inspire me in so many ways. Its clarity and versatility make a compelling case for me to continue playing with materials that provide the unexpected combinations that I love to create. This time, new introductions such as lace patterns, antiqued mirrors, and golden accents will take the collection to new heights of glamour and luxury. I’ve come to refer to it as “Modern Baroque,” for this reinvention takes a style iconic for its extreme opulence and merges it with a simplicity of shapes.

By incorporating only the finest materials, intricate details, and high drama, traditional Baroque became a fitting scheme for Royal palaces and churches.   Centuries later, we are still awe-struck as we step into any of these historic landmarks with their expansive details. Although today’s interiors are more streamlined, it’s hard to resist the glamour and luxury that Baroque represents.

       Modern Baroque... see what's coming soon in my next furniture collection.     Modern Baroque... see what's coming soon in my next furniture collection.

Through my own interior design work, I initially found the style very intimidating, but discovered that if applied with the correct balance, Baroque can be more elegant than gauche.

If Versailles and Studio 54 had a design affair, their “lovechild” would represent my next furniture edition.
Modern Baroque... see what's coming soon in my next furniture collection. I’ve been translating these juxtaposed ideas into my furniture by adding metallic touches to the hair-on-hides of Hide & Seek. We’ve also explored the introduction of artistic fabrics and a stronger palette of gemstone colors paired with an array of intricate patterns. To further push our limits, this new interpretation comes with a twist… these luxe details are tinged with distressed elements. Antique rugs and gently “worn” leathers are revived and used in upholstery to provide a bohemian  flair. Detailed gemstone patterns are applied directly onto acrylic tops, a metaphoric creation of jewelry for this stylized collection. Crystals and stones are integrated in the accessories to bring iridescence to the leathers and woods.

It’s all about surprise and paradox, with the ultimate goal of delivering the unexpected that somehow integrates easily into any style interior.

We are continuing to play and look forward to sharing more updates, including the collection’s official name. In the meantime, please feel free to visit us at our showroom, Artistic Lifestyle, in Coconut Grove to view the Hide & Seek collection and other curated finds from my favorite fellow designers around the globe.

Modern Baroque Inspiration Board: See what's coming soon in my next furniture collection.


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