Last Minute Holiday Shopping? We’re Here to Help With Our Gift Picks

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As a designer, I believe that stuff does matter. Of course, it can never replace your relationships and happiness, but there are special items that signify special memories or sentiments.  A precious family heirloom, a cultural memento from a trip abroad, a piece of artwork that speaks to you every time you pass by it, a treasured present from a longtime friend…

The holidays are the perfect time to impart meaningful gifts. This year, I found the perfect ideas right beside me, quite literally.  My daughter, Gabriela Noelle, is truly refining her artistry via accessory design. Her works are not only beautiful to look at, but contain layers of depth, symbolism, and expression.

Gabi’s recent additions to the B. Pila Hide & Seek collection evoke a mystical tone. Crystals, sparkling geodes, and a dusting of metallics make a beautiful statement, but also cast a unique energy within the home. These natural elements have been cherished for their healing qualities since ancient times.  They have retained this reputation throughout history’s most notorious civilizations and into modern practices. Most notably, it is believed that these healing properties can be transferred by simply existing in a space.

Promoting peace, wellness, and harmony are the true spirit of the holiday season … and I believe these gifts convey just that message.

demiFor the Naturalist

Demi Sculptures: Raw crystals and stones balanced atop of exaggeratedly chunky pedestals of sleek acrylic, a contrast that accentuates the innate artwork of nature. Foggy crystal quartz structures resonate positive energy outwards, while rocks of exposed purple amethyst promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming. Individually or grouped together, they make a beautiful addition to a coffee table, console, of book shelf.

For the Intellectual

Epilogue Bookends:  Bisected geodes provide striking finales to bounded tales, revealing a banded story of their own in glassy smokey hues. Bases of acrylic provide a seemingly light, yet substantial base to support heavy books or extensive collections.

For the Spiritual

Bijou Dreamcatchers: The petite versions of the original Dreamcatcher wall installations. An acrylic ring and crystal branch “web” catches positive visions and melts away the negative, while strands of organic feathers interspersed with hand cut leather ones and bits raw crystal cascade below. Hung from its acrylic stand, a dreamcatcher act as the finishing jewelry to a coffee table, shelf, or pedestal.

For the Host/Hostess

Napkin RingsNapkin Cuffs: Honors the sacredness of dining and the connectivity it reinserts into today’s hectic lifestyles. Symbolic crystals and geodes perch atop of translucent acrylic rings, enveloping linens in organic beauty for a stunning table setting.Each is an elegant statement on its own or can be mixed for added festivity: gleaming pyrite casts warmth and a generates a steady flow of ideas; sapphire agate slices away stress and brings strength; while icy quartz crystal clarifies thoughts and emotions.

Prices range $50 – $1,499. For more information or to obtain these special pieces,visit our Coconut Grove showroom, Artistic Lifestyle, at 2610 SW 28th Lane or contact us at 305.856.7916 |


Best wishes for happy homes and hearts this holiday season!

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