Trend Report: Watercolors

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When I seek out and design my own furniture, I can’t have a product without a philosophy. To me, design is so much more than the aesthetic, but a form of human expression. I believe art (natural and man-made) is the highest level of this expression, which is why it inspires me so greatly in my own work.

When creating pieces for Hide & Seek, I became intrigued as I discovered the various ways my furniture design collided with my love of art. The translucent qualities of acrylic was reminiscent of watercolors. Layering varying sized and colored pieces developed into beautiful blends, as most impacting seen with the Laslo pedestals. The different levels creates a kaleidoscope of color combinations from every angle.

Another way to achieve the dream-like qualities of watercolors was to apply it directly to my works. I came across London-based artist Jessica Zoob, lauded for her modern interpretation of impressionism. Though she uses mostly oil paints, the glaze-like transparency again reminds me of watercolors. Her work is abstract, yet exude powerful emotion via her use of colors that amalgamate together and I was so excited to hear that she recently partnered with Romo to translate her paintings onto fabrics. My newest line of Ambrosia chairs offers options in these Jessica Zoob seat cushions. I found it added a new level of quality to the design, but also it made art functional. When used in interior design, art doesn’t have to be limited to a painting on a wall or sculpture display, but can and should be found within every facet of a space.

The Stepping Stone side tables, perhaps among the most signature of my collection, are inspired by the universe’s greatest artist: Nature. Seemingly simple shapes come together to create intricately interesting patterns. The simple hexagon top to this petite tables were meant to double as stand-alone impact or be puzzle-pieced together for a unique statement. With a wealth of gemstone hues, the color combinations are seemingly endless. I elevated this concept further by presenting tops mimicking the inside of geodes, creating a one-of-a kind pattern that swirls across multiple tables.

The above techniques proved to be artistic, but also enjoyable. Playing with the varying options and combinations revealed something new and different each time. And while I lead a philosophy that interior design should be purposeful and inspiring, it is also a medium to insert a little fun. Because, why not?!

Trend Report:  Watercolors

Trend Report: Watercolors

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