The Being of B: The Story Behind the B. Pila Design Logo

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They say when one door closes, another one opens… In my own life experiences, I couldn’t find this to be any truer.


The other day, I came across an old journal entry. The date was November 1997 and I had just decided to open my own firm. The decision was a bit abrupt and forced really, and I was scared. But now that I look back, that setback was exactly what I needed to put me on the path I’m on today.


I decided that I didn’t want my firm to be a business, per say, but an entity where people, both clients and employees, are inspired. Of course the finance is important, but the core of our company is rooted in the creative force of design. If authentic and great, our work should never be compromised for a monetary factor. And my logo needed to convey that. Faith is what drives me, thus the resulting logo incorporates the three elements of faith: astrology, intention, and religion.


The backbone of the “B” represents an arrow shooting towards the sky, and also a main symbol of my zodiac sign, Sagittarius. True to the lore, I value independence, adventure, and excitement. Maintaining freedom is a must for Sagittarius people, and in my story, an absolute necessity in fulfilling creative ideas. This arrow represents that open journey… and the sky’s the limit.


The front closure of the “B” is derived from “om.” The om hum is a sacred sound, which vibrations call upon the energy of the universe. As all contains of and are affected by this constant flow of energy, it is important to embrace it and make it work for you in a positive way.


The curves also resemble a “3.” Three represents the holy trinity. Though distinct from one another, they are still one. This is the essence of what I want from myself personally, professionally, and creatively, but also how I want my team to function; each with their own uniqueness, but as one under the B. Pila Design philosophy.


Nowhere in B. Pila Design imagery will you see “interiors”, “associates”, or “inc.”, etc. As alluded to in the beginning of this blog, corporate notions were not me, and I didn’t want to feel like I was working in an office. For a while, I referenced our space as a “studio” with the hope that clients and employees felt as if they were instead walking into an artist’s studio. Since, I’ve played around with varying terms, currently settling on “creative lab,” as I feel like that is exactly what we are doing at the moment – experimenting with design and discovering new ways in how it can work.


Our logo has evolved over the past 18 years, but I truly believe our most recent rendition perfectly conveys my many thoughts and messages. The classic black & white circle medallion represents a perpetual state of cycle necessary for growth. In design, even the most forward-thinking ideas reference the past in some way. This circle also acts as an envelopment to hold us together. As creators, the possibilities are endless and this circle allows us to put this information into a space as we would like without straying from who we are. At the core the emblem is the signature “B,” standing for my name, but also to simply “Be.” Coincidence? I think not.








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