A Breath of Fresh Air…Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces This Summer

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Sometimes, it’s not enough to be inspired by nature – I want to actually be in it! From ocean views or crystalline pools (lucky you, if you have both!), from palm fringed sunsets to colorful gardens, the true way to live is outside. Here are some ideas and tips for your own outdoor spaces. Hope you’re enjoying the summer!


Lounge by Day

Pool furniture has evolved greatly since the old plastic-stripped lounge chairs. Thanks to durable fabrics like Sunbrella (www.sunbrella.com), seating is not only more cushy and comfortable, but looks good too. Consider colors and patterned fabrics – the outdoors is meant for play after all. For a more unique look, consider an alternative sunning form, like a daybed. Even better is if it’s put on a platform, where you can really worship the sun gods.



On a side note (or shall we say side table?), consider picking up some of Hide & Seek’s Stepping Stone tables to hold all your tanning and leisure essentials. The newest versions feature beautifully intricate tabletops in varying geode patterns, and blend perfectly with our original translucent gemstone hued ones that seemingly glow in the sunlight. Their small size make them easily maneuverable as you chase the sun, yet combined create a big impact as well.



I find it so interesting that even as adults, we can’t resist an opportunity to play a little. My suspicion was confirmed at the last High Point Market, where some of the country’s most renowned industry professionals couldn’t help but enjoy a few sways on our Pick-Me-Up Swing. Rockers, swings, ropes and other youthful items bring nostalgia and additional enjoyment. My favorite kid toy? Bubbles. They not only are fun, but as a designer, I find the color oscillations mesmerizing and add to the aesthetic of a space.



Lounge by Night

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to outdoor spaces is matched furniture sets. These spaces should be designed with the same versatility and interest as an indoor room… otherwise, people will simply retreat back inside. Unique materials, silhouettes, heights, and a curated selection of accessories personal to you create a great dual effect of coziness among the open environment.


A water feature is also a powerful aspect to outdoor design. By day, it is beautiful to see and by night soothing to listen to. I also love a good fire component. It sounds counter intuitive in warmer climates, but a fireplace or fire pit never fails to lure people together. It also helps ensure your outdoors spaces can enjoy continued use throughout the Fall and Winter months, too.



Why are you still reading???… get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

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