As an Interior Designer, my job is to bring my clients visions to reality. This may seem like a simple and honorable pursuit, but in reality what I find is that the perfect selection is often quite elusive. I would have these visions of perfect pieces in my head, but when I went on the hunt for them, the tangible versions always alluded me. This became one of the greatest driving forces of creating my furniture collection. It didn’t make sense to me that furnishings that seem so relevant and even practical didn’t seem to exist.

As I started to create them myself, this idea of doing the undone has become a core motivation in creation of new pieces.

The internet has truly made our search ability easier and it seems as though everyone has seen everything, but I’m still creating our pieces to offer innovative solutions to design predicaments. Here are some of my favorites to share with you:

The Mini Side Tables that enhance your lifestyle

If there is one thing I love in design, its flexibility. A room should be easy to adjust according to whatever is inspiring you at the moment. Hence, I love the Stepping Stone Side Tables. These tiny gems are light and easy to maneuver, whether by your favorite armchair to place your book or tea upon, or between you and a friend for a casual conversation over cocktails or cards, or even outside to hold your lemonade as you sun on a chaise (don’t be fooled by their glassy appearance, acrylic is extremely durable). Clustered together, they make a striking cocktail table, too.

On the other side of the spectrum are my Marrakesh Side Tables where a larger surface allows for both design and functionality to come together. Even though they are such a grand scale their clear silhouettes practically look invisible allowing for a light feeling instead of bulking up a space.

Motion furniture, My way

I’m fascinated by furniture that brings out the child in us and just makes us smile, like our Pick-Me-Up swinging bench, a modern version of a front porch swing all gussied up in acrylic. Not to mention its very playful cousin, the Player’s chair, as a rocking chair version. What makes them even more special is that we can take them outside, since the acrylic is a perfect outdoor material and the fabrics are “Sunbrella” outdoor materials. It’s great to see adults encouraged to feel like kids again, indoors or out!

Elevated Surfaces

For me, tables can fall a little flat… quite literally, which inspired me to create the Wedges & Bites series, whereby tables of varying heights can be joined together to create a landscape surface. It adds dimension to the space, as well as flexibility to adjust the layout according to your current needs. For example, no more pulling over the whole coffee table to you while on the sofa – just snag a Wedge or a Bite to rest your items on. The Wedge Table, which is a unique stand-alone piece for its “pie minus a slice” shape, but also slides seamlessly into the corner base of a square or rectangular table to add an element of height and curvature.

Artistic License

I’m blown away by my daughter’s methods of creating artworks through atypical materials and unusual silhouettes. Her latest Aurora art series creates 3-D works through laser-cut acrylic pieces. This creates artwork that belongs to both the wall as well as furnishings, and through medium of acrylic, plays with light to create its own effects when illuminated. The shadows create an almost kaleidoscope effect that make each reflection a unique artistic expression in itself. I encouraged her to create Circular Art because there were so many locations in which for me a rectangle or a square just did not provide the right feeling, above a mantle, TV or at the end of a hall. I found that these areas needed something a bit more special, and the circular shape does the trick.

They say if you can’t beat em’, join em’. My creative spirit has me conflicted with the increasing focus on technology today… So, why not fuse the two? The One-Night-Stand Television Easel resembles one that might be used to rest your paintings on (which you can certainly with this item). Plus, acrylic castors make it easy to change up your entertainment setting.

Design is meant to inspire conversation… Tell us, what pieces you wish you had for your home but can’t seem to find!