When it comes to outdoor spaces, my mantra is to design them as if they were indoor rooms. Sure, there are no walls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel just as cozy and comfortable as our favorite interior. Forget about any matchy-matchy sets where every item belongs to a collection. The way I see it, our “outdoor rooms” are where we can absolutely have as much fun as our interior designs. Hence, it was very natural for me to add an outdoor series to my Hide & Seek collection, unveiled last week at High Point Market.

It all started with my own backyard terrace. The garden views, the sound of trickling water, and smell of fresh gardens made it one of my favorite spots at home. I wanted to elevate this living area to express my personal vision and become a sacred space in which to relax and soak it all in. None of the outdoor sofas, loungers, or chaises completely satisfied what I was looking for, so I decided to create it for myself.

Naturally for me the use of acrylic, little known for its ability to use outdoors, became a perfect medium for the Pangea Outdoor Sofa. The Brazilian teak frame is outfitted with movable acrylic panels that slide into varying slots. These changeable back supports allow for an array of configurations that satisfy the occasion or mood: A sofa for entertaining, a daybed for lounging, a “tu y yo” setup for conversing… it was the perfect outdoor piece and I was charged to create more.

Adding further inspiration was my creative director and daughter, Gabriela Noelle. I’m intrigued by her philosophy and mission to bring back the wonder, fascination, and playfulness we experienced in our childhood. Somehow, that gets lost over the years in the journey to adulthood. It may be too late and too complicated to completely regain this way of discovering the world, but at least we can inspire it through design. Our new hip swing, usable indoors and out is a perfect example of this philosophy. Outfitted with a retro inspired Sunbrella cushion and color coordinated rope it is a truly adult version that will make anyone smile. We also redesigned our most Iconic Player’s chair into an outdoor rocking chair for a modern take on the pastime of front porch relaxation.

Our new tabletops are also a nod to the whimsical fun of childhood. Aurora garden tables are like having an acrylic “terrarium” in bright colors of your choosing. The introduction of what we call Wedges and bites are powder coated steel that can be painted in any color under the sun. We even downsized our Marrakesh to be outdoor proportioned and smaller indoor space appropriate. Alchemy Tables look as if molten liquid was dropped onto its powder-coated metal base. We now offer a 1 ½” acrylic top that looks like molten water and engraving that offers textures and patterns of your’ choosing. All of these options add fun and fancy to the typical spectrum of outdoor options.

Of course we couldn’t ignore our Garden Party theme when it came to the accessories of our collection. Each of them embody the earthy vibe akin to the 70s era and Bohemian culture. Walking sticks wrapped with crystals, feathers and leather tassels represent exploration with an artisanal edge. In lieu of traditional art, we created preserved permanent botanical arrangements for the walls, as well as a shadowbox series that layers colored acrylic cut into flower and fauna patterns of every nature. The beautiful shadows they create are truly something out of a fairy tale.

These pieces and more got rave reviews at High Point Market and are now ready for order…They sure do promise to enliven your typical lemonade sipping and lounging!