October 2014, Volume 24, Number 3 – Florida Design “Shows & Exhibitions”

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Hide & Seek’s Phoenix Bench is featured among Florida Design magazine’s High Point highlights! Read More

Luxe Interiors + Design

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    Luxe Interiors + Design Covers Our Seemingly Endless Design Endeavors Read More

Bea’s Bathroom Storage Ideas Featured on HGTV

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Mixing Patterns

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The New Year is always a good time to go out on a limb and mix things up. Old trends are moving aside for the new “ins”, but one decor technique I don’t foresee going anywhere in 2014 is pattern mixing. There are tons of great prints out there, but combining them so they don’t look like your Grandmother’s parlor can be a bit tricky. Here are my three simple rules to blend for a modern, chic take. . Mind the Scale: No, not that scary device in the bathroom, but the scale (a.k.a size) of the prints. If you have a great large scale pattern, then find a small and medium sized print to complement it. Vice versa. Using too many tiny patterns can overwhelm the eye, while overuse of large scale prints can make your space feel like something out of the “Alice in Wonderland” shrinking scene. . Avoid Color Clutter: Everyone knows I’m a huge proponent of color, but if you’re going achieve the... Read More

High Point: Saw-On-Sight Report

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High Point Market is an interior designer’s Christmas… it’s room after room of goodies and surprises… Admittedly, it’s tempting not to squeal or jump up and down when I spot a good find. What is showcased here dictates much of what the industry will be seeing and incorporating into their work. I was also happy to know that my own use of acrylic in my furniture line couldn’t be more timely. Almost every major line used this material in their intros. My fellow designers and I are from all over the country and certainly have our own unique aesthetic, yet it is as if the Design gods whispered over all of us to incorporate acrylic into our collections. Here are my favorite themes spotted at fall’s High Point: ACRYLIC As I alluded to above, I’m partial to this trend, as I’ve been using it myself. Jewelers, fashion designers and furniture designers have incorporated it into their... Read More