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Doing the Undone

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  As an Interior Designer, my job is to bring my clients visions to reality.  This may seem like a simple and honorable pursuit, but in reality what I find is that the perfect selection is often quite elusive. I would have these visions of perfect pieces in my head, but when I went on the hunt for them, the tangible versions always alluded me. This became one of the greatest driving forces of creating my furniture collection.   It didn’t make sense to me that furnishings that seem so relevant and even practical didn’t seem to exist.   As I started to create them myself, this idea of doing the undone has become a core motivation in creation of new pieces.   The internet has truly made our search ability easier and it seems as though everyone has seen everything, but I’m still creating our pieces to offer innovative solutions to design predicaments. Here are some of... Read More

Two Perspectives Within One: What Creative Collaboration with my Daughter has Taught me

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As a mother, you try to impart all of your wisdom and experience onto your child.  It’s our natural desire to see that they grow up happy, find themselves, and realize their fullest potential… even when they are technically  “adults”, we still can’t help ourselves from influencing their life choices.   I didn’t know quite what to expect when Gabi returned home from graduating from Parsons to work for B. Pila Design. Though always a creative in her own right, we were a bit of a design version of “the odd couple”: I more influenced by architectural design and space, she influenced by objects and materials; I a creator by sketch, she a creator by technology and tactile play; I compelled by my clients’ desires, she compelled from within; I more seasoned by experience, she young with a fresh perspective. But once together, we melded into a balance more akin to yin and yang, with... Read More

It’s a Bohemian Garden Party!

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Hide & Seek Gets Playful at High Point Market When it comes to outdoor spaces, my mantra is to design them as if they were indoor rooms. Sure, there are no walls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel just as cozy and comfortable as our favorite interior. Forget about any matchy-matchy sets where every item belongs to a collection. The way I see it, our “outdoor rooms” are where we can absolutely have as much fun as our interior designs. Hence, it was very natural for me to add an outdoor series to my Hide & Seek collection, unveiled last week at High Point Market.   It all started with my own backyard terrace. The garden views, the sound of trickling water, and smell of fresh gardens made it one of my favorite spots at home. I wanted to elevate this living area to express my personal vision and become a sacred space in which to relax and soak it all in. None of the... Read More

The Being of B: The Story Behind the B. Pila Design Logo

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They say when one door closes, another one opens… In my own life experiences, I couldn’t find this to be any truer.   The other day, I came across an old journal entry. The date was November 1997 and I had just decided to open my own firm. The decision was a bit abrupt and forced really, and I was scared. But now that I look back, that setback was exactly what I needed to put me on the path I’m on today.   I decided that I didn’t want my firm to be a business, per say, but an entity where people, both clients and employees, are inspired. Of course the finance is important, but the core of our company is rooted in the creative force of design. If authentic and great, our work should never be compromised for a monetary factor. And my logo needed to convey that. Faith is what drives me, thus the resulting logo incorporates the three elements of faith: astrology, intention,... Read More

Trend Report: Watercolors

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When I seek out and design my own furniture, I can’t have a product without a philosophy. To me, design is so much more than the aesthetic, but a form of human expression. I believe art (natural and man-made) is the highest level of this expression, which is why it inspires me so greatly in my own work. When creating pieces for Hide & Seek, I became intrigued as I discovered the various ways my furniture design collided with my love of art. The translucent qualities of acrylic was reminiscent of watercolors. Layering varying sized and colored pieces developed into beautiful blends, as most impacting seen with the Laslo pedestals. The different levels creates a kaleidoscope of color combinations from every angle. Another way to achieve the dream-like qualities of watercolors was to apply it directly to my works. I came across London-based artist Jessica Zoob, lauded for her modern... Read More