Last Minute Holiday Shopping? We’re Here to Help With Our Gift Picks

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As a designer, I believe that stuff does matter. Of course, it can never replace your relationships and happiness, but there are special items that signify special memories or sentiments.  A precious family heirloom, a cultural memento from a trip abroad, a piece of artwork that speaks to you every time you pass by it, a treasured present from a longtime friend… The holidays are the perfect time to impart meaningful gifts. This year, I found the perfect ideas right beside me, quite literally.  My daughter, Gabriela Noelle, is truly refining her artistry via accessory design. Her works are not only beautiful to look at, but contain layers of depth, symbolism, and expression. Gabi’s recent additions to the B. Pila Hide & Seek collection evoke a mystical tone. Crystals, sparkling geodes, and a dusting of metallics make a beautiful statement, but also cast a unique energy... Read More

Luxe Looks Are Back… and other trend finds from Fall’s High Point Market

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This was my second season back at High Point Market as a presenting furniture designer, but that didn’t stop me from taking a few ventures out to the other booths to capture glimpses of the overall trends… And I have to say, I really liked what I saw.   The Furniture Design Trends Are Clear Literally! Acrylic seems to be top-of-mind across the design universe, as I came across a plethora of interpretations in addition to my own Hide & Seek collection. Whereas I combine acrylic with a range of materials, metals and woods, most other designs I saw maintained a solid form, though in equally striking ways. Global Views particularly took my breath away with a series of Louis XVI style dining chairs. What at first glance seemed light and airy revealed upon closer look an incredible amount of ornate carvings along the legs and back frame edges. Tufted cushions in emerald and... Read More

Carving New Design Frontiers… And I’m Not Alone

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With technology, the landscape of every industry is constantly changing. While this means great advances and new capabilities in interior design, I find myself battling some heavy challenges. With the internet, special vendor pricing is no longer exclusive to designers. It’s basically a free-for-all. We live in an era of here and now and consumer expectations have risen, yet they don’t understand the incredible energy, mind, and work it actually takes for me and my team to pull a home together. One could say it’s a Designer’s Wild, Wild West – and where is the sheriff? A conversation with fellow designer Maria Elena Holguin of Holguin Interiors revealed that she felt the exact same way. In fact, we discovered that there are a lot of us across the whole industry that shared our concerns. But we’re not ones to lament; we’re going to do something about it. In partnership with Maria... Read More

High Fashion Furniture

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This weekend, I indulged myself in recaps and images coming out of New York Fashion Week. A creative myself, I love seeing how trends have evolved. However, aside from my personal wardrobe, some of these collections have also inspired my work in furniture design. Flipping through the pages of some of my favorite magazines a little while back, I came across an ad for Louis Vuitton featuring its classic trunks. They represented the era when travel was glamorous. It was functional, but it was also art. In the close up shots, the superior quality of the Louis Vuitton brand really resonated with me. Even the company’s earliest designs live on both style-wise and in their ability to hold up physically. Perhaps what’s most timeless about Louis Vuitton and other iconic designer labels are the details. Tiny touches make each piece all that more luxe, more special. This image... Read More

Gilded Glamour – A Glimpse Into What’s in the Works for My Next Furniture Edition

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As my first collection, Hide & Seek is of incredible meaning and purpose for me.  I realized my lifelong dream to expand into furniture design by creating the very pieces I searched for as an interior designer that would add that “je ne sais quoi” to a space.  I wanted to present vintage acrylic in a new light, honoring the beauty it had in the 70s, but for today’s modern interiors. My goal was to elevate this versatile material to express the sophistication, eclecticism, and timelessness it had lost with the passing of time. However, I’m not finished with my beloved acrylic just yet. The material continues to inspire me in so many ways. Its clarity and versatility make a compelling case for me to continue playing with materials that provide the unexpected combinations that I love to create. This time, new introductions such as lace patterns, antiqued... Read More

Mixing Patterns

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The New Year is always a good time to go out on a limb and mix things up. Old trends are moving aside for the new “ins”, but one decor technique I don’t foresee going anywhere in 2014 is pattern mixing. There are tons of great prints out there, but combining them so they don’t look like your Grandmother’s parlor can be a bit tricky. Here are my three simple rules to blend for a modern, chic take. . Mind the Scale: No, not that scary device in the bathroom, but the scale (a.k.a size) of the prints. If you have a great large scale pattern, then find a small and medium sized print to complement it. Vice versa. Using too many tiny patterns can overwhelm the eye, while overuse of large scale prints can make your space feel like something out of the “Alice in Wonderland” shrinking scene. . Avoid Color Clutter: Everyone knows I’m a huge proponent of color, but if you’re going achieve the... Read More