High Point: Saw-On-Sight Report

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High Point Market is an interior designer’s Christmas… it’s room after room of goodies and surprises… Admittedly, it’s tempting not to squeal or jump up and down when I spot a good find. What is showcased here dictates much of what the industry will be seeing and incorporating into their work. I was also happy to know that my own use of acrylic in my furniture line couldn’t be more timely. Almost every major line used this material in their intros. My fellow designers and I are from all over the country and certainly have our own unique aesthetic, yet it is as if the Design gods whispered over all of us to incorporate acrylic into our collections. Here are my favorite themes spotted at fall’s High Point: ACRYLIC As I alluded to above, I’m partial to this trend, as I’ve been using it myself. Jewelers, fashion designers and furniture designers have incorporated it into their... Read More

Inspire for Tomorrow

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 It took me a few days to digest all that happened during last week’s High Point Market. I’ve been attending this prominent show for years to get inspired and catch a peek of what’s to come. This year, it was incredible to be part of the group that hopefully does the inspiring.  One of my favorite moments was when I got to sit on a panel with fellow designers Barry Dixon and Michael Wolk. I’ve followed their careers as I was trying to forge my own, and these men are bold names on my personal list of design greats….Here I was, seated at their side, and sharing my own experience and knowledge. The topic was “Inspire for Tomorrow” about what we see as the trends of the future. Home like The Jetsons?… I think not.  For years, television and films have depicted their visions of what the future will be like. Decor-wise, it’s metal corridors, swivel chairs and not much else.... Read More

Hide and Seek – SNEAK PEEK!

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You’ve found me! Welcome to my new blog site, a place dedicated to sharing my favorite design discoveries and updates about my own journeys. To my fellow High Point Market attendees, this post is also an inside scoop to the Hide & Seek promotion in the Tomlinson Salon. Tomlinson and I created new pieces inspired by their heritage and favorite retro selects, but also speckled in are a few furnishings from my own upcoming collection, Hide & Seek. The line of accessory pieces is meant to fuse luxe materials with edgy design… and of course, a hint of whimsy. To fully understand a design starts with its inspiration… I’ve also provided a few exclusive hints on where to find each within the Tomlinson Salon. As you post images of each on your Facebook page, please remember to hashtag #hideandseekbpila for it to be counted for the raffle. Best of luck!   Tipsy Barstool:... Read More


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Picking the right paint color can seem daunting to most people. I know because this is the question I get asked help with the most. In fact, I keep a record of all the paint colors I have selected for my clients because inevitably, someone will call for the color to repeat it. The easiest way to transform a space is with the color of paint. By far my favorite tones are light taupes. Kind of a mix between beige and grey, this color works well with everything, it sets of white baseboards, ceilings and wood trims without being to dark. It is the ultimate neutral and is much more versatile and livable than say a yellowy beige or stark greyish white. WHAT COLOR IS RIGHT For color selection, remember that warm tones, such as red, yellow, and orange etc. project. These colors are “Yang” or expansive by nature. They are also stimulating and exciting to the viewer, so they can be... Read More

Out With it: My Honest Take on Design

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Plus, A Sneak Peek of What’s to Come Recently, I received a copy of the premiere Departures Home + Design magazine by American Express. I’m always eager to see a new design perspective and this new publication didn’t disappoint. But what struck me the most was the opening letter by Editor Richard Story. In it he notes, “For years, we’ve talked about the need for a really exciting and different sort of interiors magazine that isn’t filled with empty rooms, devoid of people and personal style. That’s the problem…they’re sterile and lifeless.” He goes onto describe a dinner he had with the Assoulines at the publishers’ Paris apartment. He fell in love with the duplex, for the couple “created a one-of-a-kind universe at home, without the help of brand-name decorators, but instead culled from their personal worldly experiences…they seem to truly embody the philosophy behind this... Read More

Hang-Ups – Part III: Untraditional Wall Beauties

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In the world of design, I’m always challenged to think outside the box… or in this case, outside the frame. Instead of visualizing wall art in the form of prints or paintings, try creating a hanging sculpture. Using objects allows you to play with height without being overpowering, as seen in this koi fish example in a client’s two-story foyer. The roses below add a sweet touch to a teenager’s room and fill up the space beyond the traditional rectangular space framed works typically confine you to. Other objects that make great sculptural wall art include African masks and musical instruments. Tip: On a budget? Try using plates. I’ve always been able to uncover great finds at thrift shops or more modern options from HomeGoods. The circular shape adds a nice contrast to the rectangular wall... Read More