About B.

262524_10151359636001415_1373901699_nWelcome, fellow design enthusiasts.

Since I was a little girl, interior design has always captured my heart. It’s fascinating how a little rearranging, a touch of color, or a single furnishing piece can completely transform a room. For nearly 30 years, I’ve worked with clients spanning the U.S.,South and Central Americas and the Caribbean to make sure that their individuality is translated within an equally compelling home. Seeing a client not only love the look of the finished space, but also finding it comfortable and livable is truly a rewarding takeaway that never fades.

Throughout these creative journeys, I’ve uncovered and accumulated best practices,favorite designers, new products, and other tricks of the trade. This blog is my personal outlet to share what I’m most passionate about within the interior design realm. Included are sections covering your dilemmas and questions, interior design tips and samples, as well as highlighted furnishing and accessory finds that promise to be unique, innovative and personable additions to your home.

Decorating can be a daunting process and I hope you find this blog useful in helping you along the way. It’s also a very personal experience, so we always welcome questions and comments from our readers… Well, what are you waiting for? Talk to us!

Best wishes for happy hearts and homes,

Founding Principal
B. Pila Design Studio / Artistic Lifestyle