Bea Pila

I help soulful families and mindful companies use the Design Enlightenment method so that they can live and work feeling inspired in their interiors.

My Story

In my more than 30-year interior design journey, I’ve realized that my role as creator isn’t about beauty alone. Through design, we can influence our feelings and behavior…fulfill the very lives we wish to lead. I’ve culled these discoveries and practices, refining my process from beginning to end with my clients and looking to them as the ultimate source of design inspiration. I’ve come to call this spiritual journey “Design Enlightenment”; and it’s too powerful not to share.

My passion to create meaningful spaces has evolved into a mission to lead a movement that helps others to do the same. A journey is made one step at a time. With me at your side, you will start from the beginning, only moving forward when Enlightenment within each phase is found. Whether it be my writings, talks, workshops, or curriculums, my voice is clear… everyone deserves to have a sacred space.

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“From the day my husband and I first met Bea, we felt comfortable putting ourselves in her hands. She has this incredible ability to embody who we are and make everything feel so balanced.”

Liza Lopez

“There has to be a connection between you and your designer to achieve a sacred space. Bea is that designer for me.”

Amparo Bravo

“I have so enjoyed being in the presence of her elegance and enthusiasm and find that she gives great attention and love to every detail.”

Kim Stone

“Bea Pila’s talents are endless and by all means not surprising to those who know her. She knows how to capture your needs and combines them with her sense of style and elegance and Voila .. a “sacred space” is created.”

Marivel Mederos

“We are blessed to have met someone that throughout our lives has contributed so abundantly in helping us create beautiful, cozy, and comfortable homes that we have cherished and enjoyed so much with our family and friends.”

Ileana Garcia





"Interior design isn’t about style, it’s about lifestyle… YOUR lifestyle.”
I call this discovery process Design Enlightenment®



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