One of the perks of being an Interior Designer is being exposed on almost a daily basis to absolutely beautiful accessories. These wonderful items are truly the finishing touch to any interior design. The possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing. With that said, you won’t believe which of these accessories are my absolute favorite go to item.

Books, yes that’s it, I’ve admitted it…my favorite accessory item is books and lots of them. It may seem an odd selection to most, but there is something about books that brings a sense of completion, familiarity and warmth to an interior that just can’t be explained without trying it for yourself. As a designer, I use books absolutely everywhere to enhance other accessories and complete a vignette on almost any surface. They are wonderful on the obvious places like shelves of course, but stack a bunch of beautiful photographic books on a coffee table and you have added the perfect element that transforms a showroom like setting into a home. If you really want have fun, try color coordinating the book jackets to match or offset your decor. You can also try removing the book jackets for a cleaner look and color match the solid colors inside. You name it I’ve explored how to enhance any rooms decorating with this item that provides the ultimate in versatility. If I haven’t sold you on this idea yet, here’s another bonus to books, there are not only very affordable, but also incredibly diverse and personal. So truly there is no excuse not to add a great collection of books to your accessory arsenal. Oh and yes… you could always opt for picking one up, opening it and spend a while enjoying the very old fashioned past time of reading.

For more tips on accessorizing check out my chapter on beautifying in Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living,