We’ve just ushered in 2017, can you believe it? What a whirlwind 2016 was. I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but I have an inexplicable feeling of anticipation for what is to come. I think something big is about to happen and I’m not quite sure what IT is. They say we are truly just starting the age of Aquarius and whether this is true or not, I really like the way that sounds. I like remembering the lyrics to the song in my head and recalling how the 60’s was all about Love & Freedom. I for one will be channeling the dawn of this New Age with as much vigor as I can muster, and love & freedom are my main focus.

I know that I know a lot more today about myself and what I want my life to be than ever before, and I’m excited to live each day in the moment with a healthy dose of happy anticipation. I invite you all to do the same in 2017. What a healthy way of looking at a new year.

The New Year always symbolically sets us on a mission to evaluate the past and set a new course for the future, but rather than set unrealistic resolutions for the future, lets determine to refine and define ourselves authentically, whatever that is. Accepting and appreciating exactly where we are in this present moment and really being cool with it is what it’s about. I for one feel that we have a greater ability for tolerance now than ever before. Even though the media and news tries to bring fear into our lives daily, I know we are more open minded and accepting as a culture than ever before. This appreciation and tolerance needs to include it of ourselves as well.

The Design Enlightenment™ movement that I am pioneering is really about that very thing. Setting a course to live authentically. Allowing ourselves the freedom to express who we truly are in our homes and ultimately in our lives. Staying true to our hearts desires and answering the calling of our purpose with enthusiasm. No pretention or keeping up with the Joneses, just the real stuff that makes each and every one of us a unique expression of Gods light. Individually expressed in our homes and in our lives.

As I embark on this mission to bring Sacredness and Authenticity to everyone, one home at a time, I feel more on track in my life than ever before and wish to bring that clarity to anyone that is ready to take the ride with me. New Year, New You in your home. Understanding that Home IS where the heart is and that our hearts and not just our minds hold the answers to our complete fulfillment.

Give yourself the gift of this new journey by downloading my discovery questionnaire at www.Sacredspacesliving.com , to help you start the year off with provocative questions to help you align yourselves with your homes. What better way to start the year than in the pursuit of making your home feel Sacred to you. Whatever that is, is just fine.

With much Love & Light,