When I go through the Discovery step of the Design Enlightenment process with my clients, a must question is, “What are your hobbies?” After all, why should hobbies be reserved for outside the home?… no matter what they are, if we love them, they should be a part of our daily life.  In the case of this Villa Ana Isabel project, the homeowner had quite a few passions. And fortunately, we had space and the freedom to incorporate them all!

Design Enlightenment and Play

It begins with the family room… or shall I say the “club room”? As opposed to meandering past mere seating, a glowing bar beckons people to enter the space. Now, fulfilled with the promise of food and drink, varied seating from barstools to cozy lounges offer up ample socialization options against a secondary vibrant backdrop of a built-in aquarium housing the homeowner’s prized fish.

To further excite the palette, the idea of a wine cellar was expanded into a full wine room. Old world style blends with modern functionality. Stainless steel chillers are embedded into the stone slabs to limit the refrigeration to the bottles, thereby allowing guests to dine and revel comfortably. A beaded chandelier of corks add drama, yet a hint of whimsy.

Speaking of fun, a dedicated gaming room is anchored with a casino table. Additional play is never far: a foosball table awaits just beyond the home office on the outdoor terrace and the second level gazebo is stocked with favorite pastime board games.

Ah, but there is more… the homeowner’s love of the cinema prompted a home theater. Plush leather chairs are layered in with a bar area for added food and drink activation. Acoustic and technology elements integrate seamlessly into the architecture. The acoustic wall & ceiling installations are trimmed with stained wood for added warmth and the embossed wallpaper feature an aerial view of the World’s major cities. The Murano lighting fixture further accentuates the room’s blue theme with exquisite blown glass. Museum-quality paintings and sculptures from the client’s private collection add additional culture.

Intrigue is truly found at every corner. Although a sophisticated home, Villa Ana Isabel is in fact also all about fun and games.

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