A crucial element to loving your spaces is designing in such a way that promotes love within them. I’m always stressing connection with others; this time I have a little romance in mind. It doesn’t have to be elaborate rose petal paths, candle shrines, or an endless loop of a Marvin Gaye… there are plenty of subtle ways to set help set a mood for “we time” with your loved one.

Chaise Each Other
Opt for bed-style furnishings outside the bedroom. Instead of a traditional living room sofa, double chaises are less rigid. Whether you’re cozying up on one or propped up on your elbow across from each other, you’re more inclined to feel relaxed in posture, hopefully leading the mind and heart to do the same.

Bedroom Affairs
On the other side of the spectrum, I like to bring additional activity into the bedroom. If you have the space, place a couple of chaises at the foot of the bed or even a complete lounge area. So many of my clients rave to me about how much they use these types of vignettes. They are in the intimacy of their bedroom, but have a designated place to share their days’ experience and verbally connect as well.

One of my favorite master bedrooms actually has a full breakfast area within. Here, the couple starts their morning together enjoying coffee and looking over their balcony. They take this moment to be present in each other’s company before the distractions of the day set in.

Lighten Up… or DownPlay Outdoors
There’s no better way to enjoy your sun and stars (figuratively and literally) than a swinging bench for two on the terrace. Even as adults, we find hanging pieces fun and free, the perfect ambience for opening your heart up.

We all know how powerful lighting can be in inducing romance, but I suggest taking it a step further by considering its role in unexpected places, such as the bathroom. Why not insert beautiful lighting pieces here? Even better if they have dimmers. Low lights can give off a completely different ambience than when on full blast while getting ready. And between you and I, who wouldn’t appreciate softer lighting while nude?

His & Hers
Separate elements may not directly encourage romance, but I certainly like to think of it as “preventative maintenance.” Double shower heads beckon some steamy time while still making it comfortable for both parties. I love asymmetricality, but when it comes to the bedroom, I make sure each side has its respective nightstand and lighting element, so couples can enjoy some late night reading with minimal distraction to their sleeping partner. I’ve even had a couple ask me to install dual televisions to avoid squabbles over channel preferences. Because we as couples don’t have to do EVERYTHING together now, do we?

Love and light,